Foundation Workshops | Knees in the Sawdust & Shoes in the Manure


Foundation Workshops = photography boot camp. “Get down and give me twenty” but with your heart and camera. While the Foundation conferences and workshops rotate around the world, I attended the inaugural Foundation First Workshop in Fort Worth, Texas the last week of January. It took place over the course of 3 days with 2 being in a classroom and 1 shooting that had us getting down and dirty (literally) at the Fort Worth Stock show. With knees in the sawdust and shoes in the manure, I loved every minute of my experience. 

As I think about the specifics of Foundation, the ins and outs and what we talked about each day, it’s very hard to articulate everything at the moment. What I thought would be a class that focused on the mechanics of photojournalism became one (for me) focused on self-reflection. I always knew that photography was an entirely personal view of how one sees the world but now I realize how my own individual nature can influence my work. I left with a list of 10 goals that are going to take me months/years/a lifetime (?) to conquer.

My gratitude goes to all of the mentors and fellow students for making Foundation such a magical experience. To the hospitality team of Kelly, Sherry and McKenzie-- you made me feel so at ease for bringing Lil P and were wonderfully supportive. Thanks goes to: Gulnara for showing me to how get in close, Craig for teaching me the meaning of washing a cow, Huy for showing me the like and love button, Jan for chatting to me about what it means to be a photojournalist, Candice for your spirit and writing tricks, Tyler for teaching me the holy trinity of C, M and L and Sergio for saying so much that touched my heart, the least of all helping me to buy a dress. 

“Photography is like a knife fight. Get up close, be fearful.” - Sergio Lopez


*Portraits of me (left to right) by Gulnara & Joe Appel 

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