Peter + Brittania | Boston City Hall WEDDING

The sweet story of Peter and Brittania goes way back. Many years ago, Peter and my husband, Steve, met through the Big Brother program. Steve as mentor and Peter as his little bro. They got together through the years as Peter grew up-- this meant Thanksgiving, all-you-can-feast-on-dinners, football games and that sort of guy stuff. When I finally had the opportunity to met Peter, he was wrapping up his high school years. I got to hear all about the college search, classes he was taking, what major to go with… When it came time for my wedding, Peter was Steve's co-best man. Peter had definitely become family. 

It was just a couple of years ago when I started to hear rumblings (at first via Steve and then directly from Peter) about this cool girl named Brittania. I wish I could do Peter and Brittania's love story justice but they met on the school bus as little kids. Through the years, they kept bumping into each other. These spontaneous meetings, along with significant numerology factors, which Peter's Mom can vouch for, felt like something meaningful. There was a definite spark and after a few years a proposal! 

Their wedding day (with more wedding fun to follow in 2016, stay tuned) at City Hall was such a wonderful day. Having had the opportunity to witness their vows was one of those moments in life that you treasure. Peter and Brittania, Steve and I more than happy for you. We are ecstatic. Congratulations!