A Look Back At 2014

I always mean to get a jump on reviewing my photo year in December but the month slips by and before I know it January is here. But isn’t January a month of reflection and resolutions? It seems like now is a good time as any to post a few photos from my 2014. Well, a few is an understatement… I have over a 100 shots here. For someone that was a photo editor for a long time, I have a hard time editing my old work (a new resolution?). Looking back, 2014 was a year where I made a lot of creative discoveries. I worked on geeky things like ambient light, camera angles and the perfect lens for each moment. But most of all throughout the year I tried to capture beautiful imperfections, the fleeting emotions and plain ol’ stuff that I think is gorgeous. I am filled with a sense of gratitude and nostalgia for all of my couples and clients. It’s hard for me to express the love that I have without using a combination of (crazy) hand gestures, facial expressions and well…photography. So here goes!

Katie NobleComment