Jaime and John | Seaport Elite II, Boston

I had been looking forward to Jaime and John’s wedding ever since our first email exchange. Having met through mutual friends (thanks to Anmol!) it felt like meeting long lost friends. Our day started out at Stilisti at 138 Newbury St with Ashley and Alexandra doing a beautiful job on Jaime’s hair and makeup. We made a quick stop at the Boston Common for some photos, wrapping up just in time before a few sprinkles arrived. Then it was off to the main event: their wedding aboard the Seaport Elite II. Guests boarded and were lead upstairs to witness Jaime and John’s ceremony. With the gusts of wind picking up just in time for their vows, it only made their service all the more memorable! Soon, it was time for lunch, cocktails, dancing to DJ Vic B and a cigar to cap off the afternoon festivities. I really cannot believe how quickly their day flew by—I am so happy to have been there to capture so these memories. Jaime and John, I send you both lots of love and hope you enjoy the photos!

Seaport Elite II_Boston_Wedding001.jpg
Seaport Elite II_Boston_Wedding002.jpg
Seaport Elite II_Boston_Wedding003.jpg
Seaport Elite II_Boston_Wedding004.jpg
Seaport Elite II_Boston_Wedding005.jpg
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