Wedding Photography Bootcamp with Cliff Mautner

In late April I attended Cliff Mautner’s Wedding Bootcamp Workshop. As one of the top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, I was eager to learn from him.  From his use of light, to his experience being in the industry for a number of years, it was exciting to learn from one of the best of the best. While I won’t write a full review, you can check out some of my classmates who have done that (thanks to Gary Parker!), I wanted to share a few of my images taken during the class. Learning from Cliff was one of the best investments I’ve made towards my personal growth and I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting my classmates. When you work in such a solo environment as a photographer (computer + photo editing = daily experience), it’s always a great opportunity to meet people that do the same thing. I find it’s like going to sleep away camp and meeting a group of new best friends that you just can’t stop chatting with for days! 

Here are my classmates websites and hopefully all of our paths will cross again soon.

Candice Wright- Long Island Wedding Photographer

Bob Hallam- Chicago Wedding Photographer

Vanessa Gonzalez- Scottsdale Wedding Photographer

Kristen Borelli- Vancouver Island  Wedding Photographer

Gary Parker- Virgina Beach Wedding Photographer

Ingrid Bonne- Chicago Wedding Photographer

Keith Payne- Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Mark Syadeba- Bethlehem Wedding Photographer

Andres Valenzuela- Bergen County Wedding Photographer

Sally Carpenter- Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

Sean Cayton- Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

Peter Ang-  Family Portrait Photographer

Juliana Laury- Chester County Wedding Photographer